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Interior lighting

Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room as not only does it illuminate the space but it can transform the feel of a room. Whether you want to highlight a particular feature or area of the room we will work with you to implement your ideas.


Recessed downlights can be used for unobtrusive pinpoints of light  highlighting features in the room or giving a wide spread of even light.  They are available in wide variety of finishes, sizes and brightness's. Downlights offer a great option for any space from niches to saunas downlights come in a variety of IP ratings meaning they can be installed in the harshest of environments.

Wall washing

Wall washing creates a uniform wash of light to a flat surface providing an even distribution of light. Wall washing can help to increase the feeling of space on a light surface or enhance the look of texture of a wall. eg brick. Wall washes can be created using directional downlights or LED strip installed in a ceiling reccess or a shadow gap.

Chandeliers / Pendants 

Wether you need advice on a lighting solution or have purchased a fitting. we can assist in sourcing and installing a vast range of lighting products to suit every scenario.


When major works are being carried out to the property its always a good idea to have the future in mind to try and forsee what projects might be coming up. If the fabric of the building needs repairing it might be worth running in that cable for the future at the same time.

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