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Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting can completely transform the feel of external spaces and is often the viewers first impression of a property. Lighting can be used for highlighting features, creating a sense of security

Whether you want to highlight a particular feature or area of the room we will work with you to implement your ideas.

Driveway lighting

Often the first impression of a house if the view from the street. It can be a great feature of the house to light up the drive creating a welcoming feel. It an also highlight the entrance for visitors. 

Feature lighting 

There are so many way in which the lighting of existing features can transform an external space. From well groomed foliage to a hardscaped area feature lighting can be a great addition to any property.

Security lighting

Security lights provide many functions and a well placed security light can make all the difference.  Wether it is used as a deterrent or for helping you put the bins out it is a great way to increase the sense of security around your property. 


Planning is essential to get the best outcome when you embark on a lighting project and we can help you to plan the layout of your garden lighting including specification of lights and circuits. 

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